Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet Tom, Ki's Junking Mentor!

Do you have a mentor who has kept you inspired to create with your flea market and junking finds?
Today we wanted to share a wonderful Q and A that FMS's executive editor, Ki Nassauer, did on the FleaQuest website about her most influential mentor, Tom Howland!
You can read the piece here:
Have you signed on to FleaQuest yet? It is Ki's free, online guide to the nation's best vintage shopping. Use it to plan your junking forays and check out reviews from readers on shops and sales from coast to coast! (If you're a merchant or a retailer, you'll want to add a listing, too!)
It's easy -- check it out here!

Enjoy the Q and A with Ki, who met Tom in 2000! We'd love to hear stories about your mentor, too! 


Friday, June 20, 2014

Reader Query: What to Do in Portland?!

Hey, Portland Fans!
This summer, Ki and her crew are heading to Portland, Ore., to shop and shoot a story for Flea Market Style -- and we need your advice. What vintage shops and flea markets should we hit? Where should we eat? Stay overnight? Tell us what we must see and do!
Reply here or on our Facebook page! We can't wait to hear from you!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Dance for a Long-Sought Phone!

 I've hade my eye out for one of these phones ever since I spotted one at a flea market in Paris, France, in 2012.
These old Cobra phones by Ericofon just scream 1960s!
They were on the cusp of the space age, with a sleek, cobra-like design. Yet when you turn them over...
you see a rotary dial.
For the next two years I would see them here and there, for really high prices.
And then, recently, I spotted one at an estate sale.

The price was more than good, it was was fantastic! It was one of those times I had to contain my happy dance inside myself while I grabbed it as quickly as I could.  
And guess what? It works!
Once I located a land line jack that was still in use (at my workplace), I was able to dial out and get a connection, although the sound quality wasn't that great.
It's a fabulous piece of retro history, and a keeper for me right now. I usually say that all my stuff is "for sale eventually" but this little gem may stay around my home for a while. 

Some things are just worth waiting for!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ki's Patched Pants: The Final Frontier?!

Flea Market Style's executive editrix, Ki Nassauer, always manages to find a way to elevate her love of vintage to the next level.
Take her jeans, for example. Ki regularly ships them off to her sister, Karla's,Remixed Stitches workshop in Floriday. There, Karla tirelessly works her sewing machine magic to improbably rescue said jeans from a near-death experience!
Karla's latest return package, bearing the current round of repairs, arrived at Ki's house while her team from the Junk Bonanza was in town!
Ki proudly wore her "new" jeans to the Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market that Sunday morning, where the Bonanza team was scouting flea market finds. Here's a closeup of Karla's fine work on the right leg knee area while Ki was driving. 
Have to love that key ring, too!
Ki's reclaimed duds weren't the only fancy pants at the flea market! Check out the ones on the right, sported by one of the market's fab vendors. Together it would seem that these two pair of denims have lived more than nine lives combined!
Love Karla's design artistry...
...and clever stitching!

In addition to being a talented seamstress, Karla is also a trained observer!
She included this dire warning with her most recent package.
Ki has yet to heed this advice!
We'll continue to document the journey of these jeans!
What piece of clothing are you busy turning into a vintage classic?!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Behind the Scenes: What it Takes to Get Out the Mag...

An army runs on its stomach, or so the old adage goes.
This army's general is no exception!
Here's Ki's mid-afternoon pick-me-up snack of yummy raspberries as she contends with a deluge of proofing as the next edition of Flea Market Style!
We're expecting the Fall edition, bursting with vintage goodness, to be available by mid- to late-August or early September!
Keep watching this space; we'll let you know as soon as we can pinpoint its availability!
We'll give away some free issues, too!